Black Song Cover.jptFROM THE KINDLE BOOK REVIEW: As you would expect from a noir tale, this story is stuffed with bloody violence, and the Southern humor and wisecracks are plentiful. The main characters are interesting and engaging, although there are too many minor characters imo. I thought some elements of the plot a bit threadbare, and the story goes on a little too long for my taste. Notwithstanding a few typos, the writing style is of a very high standard. On balance, this is a well-written, lively read, which I enjoyed. I’m looking forward to the next Atticus and Rosemary tale. I’m giving it 4.7 stars. Recommended.

FROM J. ROBERT EWBANK, AUTHOR: This book by Clark is one that you will want to read. The characters seem real and if you are in that neighorhood you would recognize them. The plot is one that twists and turns and keeps you occupied trying to keep it all together and keep up with the events. It is well written and mystery and suspense fans will enjoy it.

FROM READER, OMA: I do not usually read this type of book, but found the story was well constructed and interesting. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters and appreciated the use of atypical heroes, who were flawed due to past experiences. The language was a bit strong in places but not gratuitous. I also appreciated that there was no graphic sex descriptions in the book (Thank you!) Atticus and Rosemary are forced to investigate murders by gang leaders who are also involved in human trafficking. There are some twists and turns and surprise relationships. The “Priest,” an evil, insane, self-ordained messenger of God, manages to wreak havoc and complicate the investigation.This was an Early Review book which I enjoyed reading.

FROM AUDRA MIDDLETON, AUTHOR: This book is worth reading, just for the writing alone. But on top of that, the storyline and characters are so compelling, it’s hard to put down. If you like vivid description, well-crafted characters, and a dark & intriguing story, you’ll love this book.

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2 Responses to REVIEWS

  1. bemiown says:

    I read and reviewed your book for Pump Up Your Book Virtual Blog tours. You can find my review on my blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, Twit This, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, pinned on Pinterest, Bloglovin and Networked Blogs. I gave the book 5 LINKS.

  2. Carlyle Clark says:

    Thank you so much for your review. Indeed, this story relates a very harsh reality. I truly appreciate your insight as well as your warning to readers who may find the harshness a bit shocking. You point out that even in the midst of horror, there can be humor and courage. I am grateful for the time you took to read, enjoy, and review my novel.


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