The Apocalypse Gene, My First Co-Written Novel

Poster_CoverIn 2011, my wife, Suki Michelle, and I co-wrote our first olivya_x1novel. It’s a young adult urban fantasy called “The Apocalypse Gene“, (Parker Publishing). Most of our readers adored the story because of its complexity and unparalleled weirdness. Others didn’t like it for exactly the same reasons. It’s not for everyone, but we think it’s a damn good book, and Kirkus agreed!

Olivya is a teenager who lives on Hospice Row with her mother. Olivya is gifted with “sight”. She can perceive psychic auras and it’s driving her mad. Why? Because her world is in the throes of a global pandemic (far more than a mere disease), and the colors of all the terrifying, dismal emotions around her are bringing her way, way down.  Micah is a boy who lives in a cloistered setting with the mysterious Kindred. They are hybrid beings with genetic roots in antiquity. mikah_poster Micah is an empath with a nifty trick of tossing balls of etheric matter at his enemies.

Since the world has deteriorated into chaos, it’s no longer safe to go to brick and mortar schools.  Olivya and Micah meet in virtual school via their holo-sims, avatars that olivya_x2they direct to attend online classes.  They decide to meet in person, knowing they too could fall ill at any moment, but they want to really live while they can.

When Olivya’s mom gets sick, Olivya reaches out to Micah.  He tells her he believes the Kindred have links to the pandemic, and if they could solve some mysteries in Kindred circles, they might be able to stop it. The two teenagers set out on a quest to, what else? . . . wait for it . . . SAVE THE WORLD!

LOVIESuki and I had a fabulous time co-writing The Apocalypse Gene. We’re hard at work on our second co-written novel, Red Destiny. Once that’s complete, we’ll write the sequel to my thriller, The Black Song Inside.

If you’re interested in checking out our first co-written project, here’s the link!

And if you want to see how I go it alone (albeit with Suki’s invaluable input), here’s another link for you to click-click: THE BLACK SONG INSIDE

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