Why I Want to be a Writer

I’ve always wanted to be a writer because my head is crowded with characters, and they want out. No, not just want – demand! They are ever-morphing beings whose actions and adventures are constantly being imagined and re-imagined. This makes them restless and unhappy inside my head. Who would want to exist like that? Not my characters. They want to live.

They want to experience the world, travel strange new settings, and face compelling conflicts. They are not content to be idle, filled with angst, to bemoan their fate. The characters that populate my brain yearn to take their fate in hand. They will not be denied, and so I write – for them – for their freedom, so they can live.

But here is the most incredible thing about being a writer, a spinner of tales, a teller of stories. If you tell them well enough, strangers will want to read them. In fact, they will pay you for the privilege. Every writer’s dream is to spend every waking minute bringing those characters to life and share them with others who will love them as much as the writer does. A skillful writer has that rare ability to enthrall and entertain no matter what the genre. What a feeling! To touch people in this way, make them cry, laugh, bite their nails, and wipe their brows with anticipation, and to ask the question all writers hope to inspire – what happens next?

I want nothing more than to be welcomed into your life so we can continue to do just that. To paraphrase the great and prolific master, Stephen King, “We want your hearts”.

How does a writer touch a heart? By designing the cleverest of plots? By making up fantastical settings? These things are wonderful, but they are not enough. There is only one element, if skillfully executed, that has that magic power. It lies with characters, you know – the ones that occupy that cramped and bustling space in my mind.

Think of the stories you love, be they books, or movies, or mini-series, sure there are some that you are awed by and enjoy because of some aspect or another, a Sixth Sense twist, or a fascinating DaVinci Code type mystery, but I will wager the vast majority of the tales you cherish are because you love the characters. You care what happens to them. You truly care.

That is why I’ve always wanted to be a writer. It’s about love. We bring the characters we love to the page, but that’s not enough. We inspire you to love them too. Just look at all the love we offer to the world!

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