Fresh & Funny–The Grateful Undead: They’re So Vein

Susan Stec’s THE UNGRATEFUL DEAD: THEY’RE SO VEIN, is a rip-snorting satire on all things vampiric and paranormal. If comedy lurks on the other side of any societal boundary, you can be certain Susan’s characters will sashay across it without a backwards glance.

Rather than following the current convention of brooding immortals, Susan gives us a zany family of middle-aged and elderly women suddenly returned to the prime of their youth (albeit an undead youth), with the bonuses of being gorgeous vampires. Rather than whining about it, they glory in it, but their outrageous behavior has not gone unnoticed. There’s hierarchy and rules for paranormal beings, and as the girls have been adjusting to their undead lives, they’ve tromped their stiletto heels all over them, and unfortunately, the Lords of the Undead are not the forgive nor the forget type.

As someone who’s overdosed on the vampiric saturation of the entertainment industry, I was hesitant to give this a shot despite recommendations from friends, but I’m very glad I did because Susan has breathed freshness into genre that needed it badly.

Highly recommended for fans of Charlaine Harris’s “Sookie Stackhouse” novels, and Christopher Moore’s BLOODSUCKING FIENDS, or basically any of his work.

The Grateful Undead: They’re So Vein at Goodreads
The Grateful Undead: They’re So Vein at Amazon
The Grateful Undead: They’re So Vein at Barnes & Noble

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