TRAVELLERS REST: a Well-Executed Fantasy Novelette

First, off this free novelette accomplished its goal of enticing me into wanting to read Enge’s Morlock novels. (In fact, since I reviewed this on Amazon, I have read read two out of the three ((Reviews soon!)) and will definitely read the third)

TRAVELLER’S REST covers an adventure of by he enigmatic and infamous Morlock Ambrosius and his amusing sidekick Wyrth. The story is well-told, humorous, and clever enough to bring more than a bit of fun to the archetypical Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Watson pairing. Though the story itself is not strikingly unique, there is more enough originality in a particular portion (which would be a spoiler to reveal more than I’ve said) to cover for that, and the difficulties presented by world-building along with telling the story actually render what Enge accomplished in TRAVELLER’S REST impressive. If you enjoy this story at all, you will definitely like Enge’s Novels.

Traveller’s Rest at Goodreads
Traveller’s Rest) at Amazon
Traveller’s Rest at Barnes & Noble

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