Exciting Mix of Horror, Thriller, & Paranormal Romance

Su Yin Tan’s Bright Links, Dark Links is a paranormal romance that stands above the crowd for several reasons. First, reading non-fiction books about other cultures is boring, but learning about those cultures as a “side effect” of enjoying a story is wonderful. What’s even better is when it’s an excellent story like this one.

The story starts with twenty-something Jeanie Shen who can see and communicate with spirits, going on a blind date with twenty-something Sam, who just moved into a house in which two strange deaths had occurred a short time earlier. Jeanie visits Sam’s new house and encounters the mysterious spirit of a frightened boy. Shortly thereafter a supernatural presence attacks Sam in the house.

The two’s romance blossoms as they discover that Sam’s house is connected to a string of international tragedies involving multiple sets of twins and a diabolical magical plan.

This is not your run-of-the-mill angsty paranormal romance with beautiful suffering people meandering around and brooding, instead you have something much closer to a real life scenario with real people that that dives into the supernatural which makes it a bit more similar to horror and that combined with the strength and novelty of the story, the quick pace, and the focus on the “thriller” aspects make this a heckuva of a read. I was also glad that Tan relied on suspense and tension instead of gore to carry the horror portions.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys pacey and scary romance novels with protagonists you can root for.

Bright Links, Dark Links at Goodreads

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